When we are talking about football, don’t you think the discussion will remain incomplete if you don’t mention the football of Latin America? Skills, defense, attack, technique and raw talent, this continent is the most enriched one to offer the best players to the global map of soccer. Which started from Pele or Maradona, the same tradition has been taken forward by Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Messi and Neymar. And when we are talking about Latin American football, how we can forget Brazil! The heaven of football, this nation lives and breathes to see their team win every tournament.

If you are a dedicated supporter and fan of Brazil and currently following Neymar Jr. as the best star of the current soccer world, then you are at the right place. We have the best soccer cleats that can be your perfect pick for your next season. Pick a pair of Nike Neymar Phantom GT DF FG 2021 Grey Orange Blue today. Why? Take a look.

Neymar Signature Collection

If you are a fan of Neymar, the Brazilian star, then getting the boost from his signature collection is a must for you. For fans like you, Nike has collaborated with Neymar and designed their range of Nike Neymar Phantom GT DF FG 2021 Grey Orange Blue. These football boots come with the right qualities and inspirations from the current Brazilian heartthrob.

The Stunning Design

When Nike designs their boots, every single piece becomes a work of art. Nike Neymar Phantom GT DF FG 2021 Grey Orange Blue is no different either. While the touch of blue is inspired by Brazilian blue, the orange on the colorway creates a bolder impression. The whole upper has a skin like design with orange which makes these shoes stunning. And then Nike blends black on the tongue and around the ankle and grey on the soleplate a part of the whole colorway. This is a color riot that will make you stand apart from everyone.


The signature Nike material, Flyknit is used to create the upper of the shoes. The best quality of this textile material is that it ditches the old technique of stitching and the shoe is produced in the shape from the beginning. Hence, this is a more engineered flexible, breathable, lightweight material that will offer superb comfort to the wearer. The elastic at the place of the tongue and around the ankle will offer more protection to your heel when you are playing. The upper is minutely textured offering amazing control over the ball.


Nike Soleplates are used for this beauty and offer superior quality traction, control, balance and grip to the wearer. When you are cutting through the defense or tackling the ball, you don’t have to worry about losing balance as the perfectly shaped studs will keep you gripped. The forefoot and the heel are additionally cushioned to protect you from injuries.

So, to become as fierce as Neymar on the field, get your hands on Nike Neymar Phantom GT DF FG 2021 Grey Orange Blue today.


Are you a fan of Brazil and Neymar? If yes, then get a pair of Nike Neymar Phantom GT DF FG 2021 Grey Orange Blue today.