Check out the new Nike Phantom GT boots in white with free shipping.It is understated look and the stripe across the upper that is very understated on the other two colorways is not colored in here.Nike's first collection of the new season.

When you go onto the soccer field, how often do you look at it as if you are going to war?In many cases players are concerned only with the fun part of the game.This is usually players who are playing in friendly leagues or simply for fun.Let us tell you though, that at higher levels of the game its way. When you step out onto the field the players on the other side of the field want to destroy you.They want to humiliate you.Their goal is to embarrass you and rip out your heart. They want to make you feel like you do not even belong on the same field with them.

You are going to notice this with the way they take to the game.They want to dominate and take away your will to win long before the game is over if not before it even begins.You have to think the same way if your goal is to be a superior player.It is indeed war. What do you need in a way?Well the main thing you need is to come to battle with the right weaponry.How many of you reading this think of the cleats you wear as weaponry?

Your Nike Phantom GT DF Elite FG By You FB20114my15 cleats are indeed weapons. In fact their one of the main weapons you have. Not all cleats are made the same, meaning their inferior weapons to take to the field with. This is not at all the case when it comes to the Nike Phantom GT football cleats.

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