The magic of red and black can come alive in your football boots, have you ever known that! The color red is for power, passion, love and intensity. The color black is for power, boldness, creativity and sensuality. Now, imagine a pair of football boots bringing you both with much more? Well, if you are thinking this is unbelievable, then you don’t know about the Adidas predator Archive FG limited edition series.

This particular series brings you the most stunning colorways of football boots anyone has ever seen. And that is why you need to get a pair of Adidas Predator Archive FG - Red/Core Black/Silver/Footwear White LIMITED EDITION. These boots are perfect to make a stunning impression on the field while boosting your performance like never before. So, what features do you need to look for? Take a look at the following points to know more.

The Left Foot Upper

The distinct feature of the Adidas Predator Archive FG - Red/Core Black/Silver/Footwear White LIMITED EDITION and other boots from the same series is that these boots come with different uppers for both feet. For this one, the left foot comes with the upper where black color is dominant. On the outer side of the boots, you will see a white grey texture that is similar like a reptile skin. On the medial side, you will see the power swerved that are very popular among all footballers and boot collectors. On this side, near the arch of the foot, you will see a grey patch with the red strips and around the toe box, red stripes appear again. This type of texture helps a lot in offering amazing control over the ball when you are receiving, dribbling and shooting. The Primeknit material is used for the upper that beautifully and snugly fits your foot and offers amazing durability. The tongue and lacing come in red which creates a striking contrast with black.

The Right Foot Upper

The right foot of the shoe comes in a very distinct style and appeal. For this one, the dominant shade is red. The medial side of the shoes shows white scale like spiked patters that creates a great surface for striking the goal. The outer side of the boot has Absolute stripes in white. This adds an amazing statement look to the boot. Just like the other one, this boot is also made with Primeknit material which is lightweight, durable and flexible. The tongue and lacing come in black again creating a great contrast.


The outsole of the boots comes in split outsole style. The split outsole ensures you get amazing flexibility, traction and grip on the field.  At the same time, when you are slipping into these boots you are getting the support of power soleplates that will keep your feet protected when you are cutting through the defense of the opponent.

So, what are you waiting for? Become the reason for the opponents’ fear and prove yourself to be an asset for your team with Adidas Predator Archive FG - Red/Core Black/Silver/Footwear White LIMITED EDITION.


Are you planning to shine like a star this season? Get a pair of Adidas Predator Archive FG - Red/Core Black/Silver/Footwear White LIMITED EDITION.