Every footballer dreams to deliver the best performance of their career in every match. They want their skills to be perfect. And some of them want to have football boots that will be pristine. Yes, while there are thousands of boots available offering the most amazing look and appeal with their bold colorways, Adidas never disappoints those who want to go for something powerful yet understated and elegant. And if you are looking for something like that, then you are at the right place.

Adidas Predator Archive FG Footwear White LIMITED EDITION is an all white elegant pair of football boots that only brings the touch of color in its insole. But this deceptively simple look doesn’t make these boots anywhere less dangerous. Yes, when you are grabbing a pair of Adidas Predator Archive FG Footwear White LIMITED EDITION, you are surely going to be the start of the match. Let’s take a look at the appeal of the boost and the features.

The Upper

Just like any other boots of the series, Adidas Predator Archive FG Footwear White LIMITED EDITION comes with two distinctly designed boots for each foot. The left boot has the reptile skin like texture on the outer side of it while the medial side has the power swerved stripes that have been an extremely popular feature for many footballers and collectors. While the textured part in other boots come in contrasting black and white color, this one comes in full white. And utterly graceful. The upper of the shoes are made of Primeknit material that fits the foot snugly and comfortably. This is a lightweight  material that is breathable and waterproof. The tongue and the ankles are protectively designed to shield your feet from any heavy impact. The off center lacing in white will offer you more surface for striking.

The right foot is designed in a different way. The medial side of the boot comes with textured scale like design that will offer more control over the ball if you are a player with a powerful right foot. And the outer side of the boots comes with the signature stripes of Absolute boots. Just like the left counterpart, the right one is also made with Primeknit material. This is a material that is not stitched with each other but produced in the shape of the shoe itself. As a result, you will get more durability and flexibility. This is a breathable and waterproof material which will be very lightweight on your feet offering closer connection with the ball.


The outsole of these boots comes in split outsole style. This type of outsole will offer you more traction, flexibility and grip on the field. If you are facing the line of defense and cutting through it with the ball on your feet at lightning speed, you don’t have to worry about the fall as your studs will keep your feet firmly gripped to the ground.

So, what are you waiting for? Show the world how underdog does it on the field with Adidas Predator Archive FG Footwear White LIMITED EDITION.


Are you looking for the most elegant and understated boost of the year? Go for Adidas Predator Archive FG Footwear White LIMITED EDITION.