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The 'White / Pink Blast / Black' Nike Phantom GT boots are white with black accents and pink logos.The upper structure is highlighted with black detailing to create a bold and futuristic look.

In the game of soccer you are going to see a lot of players who have skills.At every level of the game there is always that one player who stands out.Why is this though?When you look at how soccer is played, what makes one player so much better than another? Do they have to be faster out there?Do they have to be more defensive? What about just being able to get good shots on goal or actually score them? What we are trying to say is how can you tell the player that if you took him/her off the team, then the whole team would suffer as a result?

Well one way we have seen is that you look for the player who is not afraid to take risks.You look for the player who knows what they need to do in order to be a difference maker. It is not always about scoring goals. There are several other ways to have an impact out there that can lead to a victory.It all starts though with the player who invests in the right Nike Phantom GT Elite soccer boots though. The wrong pair of cleats will make it tough for you to do the type of things required in order to be a real threat.

This is why a pair of new Nike Phantom GT cleats work so well. Everything about them is designed for the risk taking player. You see, it is not enough for you to simply want to take risks.The goal has to be for you to make those risks pay off.You need to make sure that the shoes you have on will enable you to be a force out there and deliver. Nike has done a good job with these in this regard.The lightweight feel of these is just perfect.Now you might say this is a given when it comes to these types of Nike Phantom GT football shoes right? Well these boots take it to a whole different level.

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